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10.junio 2019

EC VERIFIED – world-wide quality assurance

Network installers, network integrators and manufacturers of cables and connectors have for the past 20 years relied on the EC VERIFIED stamp of quality in their marketing of high performance networks.


EC VERIFIED is the ultimate independent mark of globally approval for cables and connecting hardware. It guarantees that the products approved by us as an accredited independent third party testing laboratory have been tested to all international relevant standards in the most exacting way, under rigorous control, and with regular inspection of the manufacturer’s production quality. DELTA is accredited by DANAK.

Some of Europe’s most experienced engineers and technicians work on the products in the best equipped modern laboratories. Always look for the EC VERIFIED marking on cabling products. It stands for undisputed world-wide quality assurance.

We perform qualification and verification testing of:

  • LAN Data cables
  • Patch cables and cords
  • Coaxial cables
  • Connecting hardware
  • Permanent Link / Channels
  • Fire safety
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoEP)

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